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Legal Notice

1. Company website L'immobilière des Remparts

• Name of the company: The Real ramparts

• Company: The Real ramparts
• Registered Address: 115 rue des Remparts 78550 Houdan
• Phone: 01 30 59 65 44
• Email Address:
• SCR - SIRET N ° 792 858 169
• VAT Number: FR77 792 858 169 - APE Code: 6831Z
• Social capital: 1500 €
• Professional Card number: CPI 7801 2018 000 025 128 Property management and transaction issued by the CCI of Paris
• Guarantee Fund: QBE insurance
• Amount Transactions on buildings and trade premises: 110 000 €

. Amount Property managament : 110 000 €

2. fees Grille

Agency fees


Box, garage, car park: €3,000 including tax 
Up to €450,000: 5%* (minimum lump sum of €5,000 including tax) max
From €450,001 to €500,000: 4.5% max
Over €500,001: 4%* max

Land: maximum 10%* (minimum lump sum of €5,000 including tax)

*Percentage applied to the net selling price including VAT

The fees are the responsibility of the purchaser
(the fees may be borne by the seller in the event of delegation with another partner)


Living quarters

At the entrance :

Same fees for landlord and tenant:

€3 per m² for the entry inventory
8 € per m² for: visit, constitution of the file, drafting of the lease
100 € including tax for a box / parking lot

Amounts due at the entry inventory

For a furnished rental:

Rental intermediary package: €150 including tax for the lessor in addition to the fees indicated

Business premises

Same fees for landlord and tenant:
2 months rent excluding charges


Exit inventory for all premises:
50 € including tax for a property < 30 m²
€80 including VAT for a property of 30.1 m² to 50 m²
€120 including VAT for a property of 50.1 m² to 100 m²
€150 including VAT for a property > 100.1 m²

Rental management

6% excluding VAT of the sums collected (20% VAT in addition) payable by the principal
(Excluding security deposit) - Or 7.20% including tax

GLI Insurance (Unpaid Rent Guarantee) Optional:
2.9% including tax of the rent including charges

Additional costs to be borne by the lessor:

Organization of rental diagnostics: €40 including tax
Miscellaneous services: €60 incl. tax per hour at the session



For writing a notice of value: €75 incl. tax

3. Publishing Director

- Laure Lelimouzin

4. Managing Editor

- Laure Lelimouzin

5. Site Editor

- The site is edited by the company Rodacom
• Rodacom
• Address: 26 rue Colonel Dumont - 38000 Grenoble
• Phone: 0 811 09 42 42
• RCS Grenoble
• SIRET number: 445 267 693 00049
• VAT FR 85445267693

6. Website hosting

- The website is hosted by the company Rodacom
• Rodacom
• Address: 26 rue Colonel Dumont - 38000 Grenoble
• Phone: 0 811 09 42 42
• RCS Grenoble
• SIRET number: 445 267 693 00049
• VAT FR 85445267693

7. Intellectual property rights related to the Site

The real estate site The walls is a work of authorship protected by the law of intellectual property. The Site and each of its components (such as, in particular, brands, logos, photographs, images, illustrations, texts, videos ...) are the exclusive property of properties of the walls, the exclusive right to use the rights of intellectual property and personality rights thereon, it does not grant any license nor any right other than to consult the site.

Reproduction of any documents published on the Site is authorized solely for information purposes for strictly personal and private use. Any reproduction and / or representation of all or part of the Site or any of its components, on any medium whatsoever, for any purpose, including commercial, is expressly prohibited.

With the exception of the circumstances referred to above, all other reproduction and / or representation of the Website shall be subject to prior express authorization of properties ramparts. Similarly, the creation of hypertext links to the Site may be made without the prior written consent of The Real ramparts. The properties of the walls not responsible for the content, advertising, products or services available on or from sites linked to the Site.

Furthermore, all the brands mentioned in the website are registered trademarks and protected. Any use of any of these trademarks may be made without the prior, express written consent of The Real ramparts, subject to prosecution.

Furthermore, unless express written consent of The Real ramparts, the User is not allowed to place on its own website a hypertext link to the Site and / or the pages it contains.

Any request for authorization must be sent to the following email address:

Any unauthorized use constitutes an infringement punishable by law.

8. Personal data

The properties of the walls may be required to collect personal data about the user. This personal data will be processed automatically and will be designed to contact you. Pursuant to Law No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 relating to computers, files and freedom, the User is informed that he has a right of access, opposition, rectification and deletion of data concerning them. To exercise these rights, simply the user to make a request to the following email address:

The properties of the walls is committed to preserving the confidentiality of personal data transmitted by the user in the course of using the Website. Furthermore, subject to obtaining prior express consent when collecting data of properties of the walls may send the user direct marketing material by email.

Finally, subject to obtaining the prior express consent when collecting data of properties of the walls may be required to transfer data about the user to its partners.

9. Use of Site

at. Use of the Site content

The real estate ramparts strives to update site content and delivering users accurate information.

However, the user knows that Internet data and information transmission only benefits from relative technical reliability, those circulating on highly heterogeneous networks. Therefore, the walls of properties can not guarantee the accuracy of the data contained on the site.

Any error or omission should be notified at the following email address:

Any use of the Site not in compliance with its original intent and any violation of these stipulations may result in the application of criminal and civil penalties provided by law.

b. Site Access

The real estate ramparts strives to keep the site accessible, without being under any obligation to do so. It is clarified that for purposes of maintenance, update, and for any other reason, notably technical, access to the site may be interrupted. The properties of the walls is in no way responsible for these interruptions and the consequences that may result for the user.

c. Hypertext links set up on the Site

The hypertext links placed on the Site can lead the user to websites of different partners. It is specified that the walls of properties has not reviewed all the sites linked to its own, content and information that are present, and therefore not responsible for the content of these sites and of the use is made by the user. The use of these sites by the User is the sole responsibility of the latter.

10. Informations sur les cookies

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