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Tips to buy property

Buying a home is an important project. It is therefore appropriate to choose a real estate professional specializing in popular sector to build and realize faster project.

real estate professional, a specialist in its sector and current local market prices, you will visit the property and will be especially ideal intermediary to buy property at market price. It also ensures regulatory compliance (mandatory certificates and diagnostics ...), regularity of property titles, potential easements ... You can also seek advice from the real estate agency for the financing of the project .

The sales agreement commits the seller to sell the property to a buyer specifying the conditions of the sale. Signing the agreement you commit to buy the property. At this stage, you must pay a deposit (deposit).
Damages to be paid in case of non compliance with this commitment by one of the two parts. However, you can define certain terms of withdrawal.

After signing the agreement, it will take about 3 months the notary up the sales record and that the loan offer, if any, is released. For this you must contact your bank or a mortgage broker who will mount the loan file.

When all administrative procedures will be performed, you can arrange a date for signing the deeds at the notary. The signing of this act will make you become the official owner of the property.