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zero interest loan

Published on 03/22/2016

You can benefit from a zero interest loan (PTZ) if you buy your first residence and if your income does not exceed a certain ceiling.
the significant tax equating to a local nine,
or the transformation of a local, new or old, in housing (fiscally assimilated to a new local)
or former housing whose works represent 25% of the total cost of the operation (at least a third of the purchase value of the single housing). These works correspond to the creation of additional living space or modernization, sanitation or improvement of living space or work for energy savings.

maximum amount of PTZ

The amount of PTZ is capped at 40% of the cost of the operation.

For example, for a household with two children who buys a new home in the area B2, the maximum amount of PTZ is:
€ 60,000 (or € 150,000 x 40%) if the cost of the operation is € 150 000,
€ 88,000 (or € 220,000 x 40%) the cost of the operation is equal to or greater than € 220,000.

maximum amount of PTZ according to the location area of the property and the number of occupant Bience table shows the maximum cost of the real estate transaction as a basis for calculating the value of the PTZ + will be calculated. This cost depends on the number of occupants of the dwelling and the area in which is housing.

Principal residence

This property must be your principal residence no later than one year after completion of the work or purchase of housing. However, this condition can be relaxed in some cases.

The accommodation can not be rented for the next 6 years the payment of the loan, unless specific situation.

Quality of applicant

You must certify not have owned your principal residence during the 2 years preceding the loan application.

However, this condition is not required if you or one of the occupants of the housing are:
holder of a disability card and unable to work,
or recipient of the allowance for disabled adults (AAH) or the education allowance for disabled children (AEEH)
or victim of a disaster (natural or technological, for example) that made it permanently uninhabitable housing. The request must be made within 2 years of the publication of the decree establishing the disaster.

   To know :

you can apply to transfer your PTZ if you have a PTZ and you sell your home to buy a new one.

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